Tuesday, July 3, 2012

getting started...

I have been trying to put together a blog to share my henna research and class information from the SCA for over a year now. Not being computer/website/blog savvy it has taken be a lot longer than I had hoped. Now that I have a semester break from working on my Masters degree hopefully I can make the time to work on my postings.

I began studying henna in 1997 after learning a bit about it and having my first henna design done at Pennsic. Around the same time (give or take a year or so) I started belly dancing and became interested in researching Medieval Middle Eastern culture in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms).

Jumping forward to 2012 I have now been doing henna for parties, private appointments and art fares for 5 years, and have taught classes on henna at numerous events (this will be my 3rd year teaching at Pennsic!) in the SCA.

my henna project at the A&S display at Pennsic 40
Oh yeah, and earlier this year (September 2011) I received my Evergreen (grant level A&S award) for teaching and researching henna, and received a first place in my very first Kingdom level A&S competition at Middle Kingdom Crown Tourney this spring.

receiving my evergreen from TRM's EikBranbr and Runa

Well... I guess that is enough for now. Next I need to try and find out how to attach files.