Sunday, February 3, 2013

A&S Project: A Comparison of Modern and Historical Henna Application Techniques

Here is the link to my A&S project from 2012. This was the first project I had ever entered in a regional competition. My goal was to qualify for Kingdom A&S (receiving a 1st or 2nd at regional). I received a 2nd place at regional, and a 1st at the Middle Kingdom A&S faire! Not too shabby for my first try...

A&S 2012

More class notes...

Now that I have figured out how to use Google Drive, I am adding more of my class notes.
This link will open my notes on henna in 16c Safavid Persia. It is a large file with a lot of color pics, so please be patient opening it!

Henna in 16c Persia

The second link is a short handout from my mixology class.  It contains much of the same info from the intro class.
Henna 102 -Mixology